world fusion

DJ Dragunov

will blow your ears

Dragunov or Ras Tuff Rebel began making EDM music in 2013, he made electro house progressive house, big room...

A year and a half later, inspired by Dr.Dre, Scott Storch,Strange Music , Lee scratch perry, the scientist and many others, he began making Reggae Dub and hiphop instrumentals from west coast to trap beats


Metal / Djent

Danny Kross


The love for progressive metal, modern metal and oriental sounds all show in the songs of the young composer/producer Danny Kross, debuting as solo artist in summer 2015 with an instrumental solo ’’The Pole’’ while casually and occasionally posting on YouTube covers and originals & participating in collaboration covers between many youtubers.

Danny has played for countless projects as both permanent member and session musician. Proficient in Guitar work, bass, and drums has mainly metal influences such as Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Devildriver as well as Gojira.

Danny was one of the few very first in Algeria to aim primarily at taking advantage of the digital ease of producing and recording music, and often finished professional quality recordings on the cheapest budgets possible.


RAP / Hip-Hop



" Ochoa - The artist's name of two young Algerian brothers aged 18 and 17, diversifying the styles of rap in their titles, they bring a new era to Algerian rap.

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